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2012, It’s a New Start!

Happy New Year 2012!!

Resolutions?? Every year we make resolutions for the next one that are impossible to keep.

So, no resolutions for me in this year. I’m perfect as the way i am !!

How will you make it count in 2012??


Selamat Hari Ibu

Bertepatan dengan Hari Ibu yang jatuh hari ini, mao posting sesuatu yang g temuin pas browsing-browsing.

=====Renungkan===== Read more…

All Or Nothing

You know i’d fight for you,
but how can i fight someone who isn’t even there.

All Or Nothing – Westlife.

You See Friends (I See Lovers)

You said
This would never end
But I want you for more than just my friend

And you said
This is hard to say
I never really looked at you that way

Getting scared, to tell you how I feel
It’s not a passing thing, I know it’s real

You keep running
I’m still falling
You don’t know this
It’s something new my hearts discovered

You keep running
I’ll keep calling
Till you notice
You see friends, but I see lovers

Don’t be scared
To let me in your heart
I’ve been there before
But I played a different part

What is it I’m dreaming of?

Is It True??

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